1win Terms and Conditions for Indonesian Players

Before you dive into using 1win Indonesia, it’s really important to understand what you’re entitled to and what you’re expected to do on the site. This means going through the all details of the company’s terms and conditions so that you can freely utilize the 1win site or mobile app. It’s like a roadmap that guides you through what you can and can’t do while you’re there.

Terms and Conditions - 1Win Indonesia

Major Betting Terms

So, before you begin placing bets on 1win, it’s essential to get familiar with some key concepts:

  • Bet: Basically, it’s an agreement when you put your money in IDR on an uncertain outcome, following specific rules set by the bookmaker;
  • Outcome: This is the final result of the match you’re betting on;
  • Bettor: That is a person making bets with the sportsbook;
  • Line: It’s a list of matches you can bet on, with different possible results, odds, and deadlines for placing your bets;
  • Bet Cancellation: When a bet gets canceled, you get your money back;
  • Regular Time: This is the official duration of the match, not counting extra time or penalties;
  • Winning Bet: This is when you predict all outcomes in your betslip correctly;

List of Terms - 1Win Indonesia

  • Bet Acceptance Conditions: These are terms that might change after you’ve placed a bet. However, the original terms you agreed upon stay in power;
  • Known Outcomes: If you bet on the match whose outcome is already known, the bet is settled at odds of 1;
  • Errors: If the bookmaker makes an error, for example, in odds, it might void your bet or settle it at odds of 1;
  • Unfair Play: If there’s any suspicion of match-fixing, bets might be suspended or voided;
  • Odds Errors: If your bet had the wrong odds, it’ll be settled based on the real odds (recalculated) or void;
  • Claims on Translations: Mistakes in names or teams’ names are not considered errors;
  • Insider Information: If it’s discovered you made bets based on secret information about the match, your account might get closed, and all bets canceled.

Remember, how bets are settled depends on the data from the processing center. And if you win, make sure to check and, if needed, dispute your winnings within 10 days.

Glossary of Key Terms Used - 1Win Indonesia

Changes to the Terms

For various reasons like business, legal matters, and improving player service the Indonesian betting company retains the option to modify this agreement. You can find the current terms and when they came into effect on the site or 1win mobile app. It’s the player’s responsibility to regularly check the agreement for any updates. The bookmaker can update the site at any time without informing players beforehand.

If you disagree with any changes to the document, you should stop using the site. Continuing to use it after the changes means you fully accept the new terms, even if you didn’t receive a notification or read about the changes in the updated version.

Changes to Terms - 1Win Indonesia

Player Name, Password and Security

Once you’ve signed up on the 1win site, it’s really important to keep your username and password private. Don’t share these details with anyone else. If you happen to lose or forget your login info, no worries. You can easily retrieve it by clicking on the “Restore Password” button.

Remember, you’re responsible for keeping your password safe. Any activities or transactions carried out on your profile are your responsibility. If there are any losses because of someone else’s actions, you’ll need to handle that too.

If there’s ever a breach of security or if someone gets unauthorized access to your account, please let 1win Indonesia know right away. If needed, you might have to show the bookmaker the evidence of this unauthorized access. The company wants to help, but 1win can’t be held responsible for any harm caused by others misusing your username and password or getting into your profile without permission.

Information about Player Names, Passwords and Security - 1Win

Term and Termination of the Agreement

The agreement spells out when the bookmaker might need to part ways without warning:

  • If the betting company decides to stop serving everyone or a specific group of bettors;
  • If your profile is linked to a previously deleted one;
  • If the account is connected to a currently blocked profile. In this case, the company reserves the option to shut it down and freeze all associated data. Unless stated otherwise, any Indonesian rupiah in your account will be returned after a specific period, once you’ve requested it and settled any debts;
  • If you’re involved in illegal activities or try to breach the 1win system;
  • If you disrupt or try to manipulate the site’s or app’s software;
  • If you use your profile for illegal purposes according to any specific laws;
  • If you post offensive content on the 1win site.

The sportsbook can close your profile or void the agreement by notifying you at the contact address provided. If 1win takes such actions, it will make sure any IDR in your profile is returned. If the company can’t reach you for any reason, the money will be transferred to the betting company or a regulatory body.

Reasons for terminating a user account at 1Win

Errors and Defects

Mistakes and issues happen sometimes, and here’s how it plays out:

  • The bookmaker might need to put limits on bets or even cancel some of them;
  • If someone uses funds mistakenly given to them to place bets or join a game, the company could cancel those bets and any wins made. If any money was paid out based on those bets, it’s considered given to the bettor temporarily, and they’d need to return it when the sportsbook asks;
  • When mistakes happen from either the Indonesian player using the service or 1win, neither the betting company nor the partners who provide the service are responsible for any losses, including missed winnings.

The company, partners, branches, subsidiaries, and the people working here aren’t responsible for any losses or damage caused by someone getting their hands on or misusing information sent over the internet.

Processing Errors and Defects - 1Win Indonesia

Limitation of 1win Liability

You’re in charge of choosing to use the 1win site, and whatever happens as a result is your decision and your responsibility. The site operates based on this agreement. The bookmaker doesn’t promise anything beyond what’s in this agreement regarding the site and services. The company is not legally responsible for any extra guarantees.

The company won’t be held responsible for things like mistakes, carelessness, losses, or damage that couldn’t have been predicted. The bookmaker is not responsible for the content of other sites you might access through 1win.

1win Limitation of Liability

Claims and Notifications

Should you encounter any issues while using the site, it’s important to address them promptly. You can do this by reaching out to the 1win helpdesk team through the online chat available on the site. Alternatively, you can contact 1win via the phone or email.

By getting in touch, you’re helping the sportsbook understand and resolve any concerns you have. Also, please note that any discussions or records stored on the 1win server might be used as evidence while addressing your claim.

1Win Indonesia user claims and notifications