1win Responsible Gaming for Indonesian Players

Gaming responsibility is a vital aspect of how 1win serves players from Indonesia. The company prioritizes addressing any issues that might caused by gambling addiction. 1win aim is to shield players from excessive gambling tendencies and ensure minors do not play on the site or 1win mobile app.

The bookmaker strives for services to be incredibly user-friendly and efficient, tailored for enjoyable leisure. However, 1win recognizes that while gambling can be attractive, it can pose challenges for some players.

Responsible Gaming Policy - 1Win Indonesia

Importance of Balance

Playing with the sportsbook can be a fun way to chill, follow the match of your favorite team, and connect with fellow fans. However, it’s super important to stay in control when you bet or gamble.

Here are some key things to always keep in mind:

  • Gambling is not a way to earn Indonesian rupiahs. Always control your behavior while playing;
  • If you hit a big loss, resist the urge to chase it and win back. You will have more chances to win next time, but right after the loss, it is better to stop;
  • Only jump into the game with an amount you can afford to lose;
  • Control how much time and money you put into the game. Awareness is key.

Balance matters in casino gaming and betting - 1Win

How to Prevent Addiction

For most 1win users, gambling is a fun pastime, but some of them may struggle with addiction. Recent research shows that only a small number of adults from Indonesia deal with this issue, but it’s still important to address it. Here are some reminders for anyone who plays casino games or places bets:

  • Luck rules gambling, so no surefire formulas exist to win;
  • Your desire to play should come from within, not external pressure;
  • Remember, gambling is entertainment, not a shortcut to wealth or debt repayment;
  • Keep track of how much IDR you spend on the game;
  • Always understand the game rules before playing.

How to Prevent Addiction - 1Win Indonesia

How To Identify Gambling Addiction?

It isn’t easy to distinguish between a healthy passion for gaming and an unhealthy obsession. However, certain signs can indicate a problem for Indonesian players.

Here are ten questions to consider. If you answer at least five affirmatively, it might suggest a gaming addiction:

  1. Are you deeply invested in playing casino games?
  2. Does your bet sum often increase?
  3. Have you ever borrowed money to play casino games?
  4. Do you often play longer than you intended?
  5. Has your frequent playing negatively impacted your reputation?
  6. Do you feel irritated or disappointed when unable to gamble?
  7. Does gambling serve as an escape from problems?
  8. Do you frequently try to recover losses on 1win?
  9. Have you attempted unsuccessfully to control your bet sums and time spent gaming?
  10. Do you keep your gaming passion a secret from your family?

It’s crucial to pay attention to these signs and seek help if needed.

How to identify gambling addiction - a simple test - 1Win

1win Tips for Healthy Gaming

If you don’t want to get into gaming addiction, 1win advises the following:

  • First, set a limit on how much time you can spend in the casino;
  • Decide on the sum you can afford to lose and stick to that limit. It’s crucial not to go beyond what you’ve planned;
  • Whatever you do, do not borrow money for gambling;
  • Seek a new hobby and mix it up with gaming. Finding something else you enjoy can help balance things out;
  • Never gamble when you are upset or intoxicated.

Tips for healthy betting at 1Win Indonesia